An Extender is work, strategy, commitment, creativity, collaboration, trust and joy. It is brain, eyes, ears and mouth, but it is also a heart, chest, shoulder, hands and clicks. Extenders are all who compose and represent the values ​​of Extend.

A bit of our history

Slide Extend began as a bridge between actors in an optimistic society that sought to rebuild trust, paving the way for strategic communications in Chile, along with the return to democracy and the start of an unprecedented technological and communicational revolution. Slide Just as the world evolves - and Chile with it - we grew up between fixed computers, filing cabinets and faxes, to transition to notebooks, the cloud and smartphones, always accompanying our clients and creating value. Slide Sometimes in difficult contexts due to crises at the country, industry or company level, but also with the wind in their favor, contributing to the development of key industries. We have been present in the processes of modernization of the different sectors of the economy and society. Slide During our three decades of experience, tools have constantly changed, but our focus has been the same: research, strategies and creativity Slide Constantly profiting from digital advances, we form our team with sharp, diverse and committed people, reading the constant resignification of values ​​in society, aligned with the evolution of the media and building links between the public, private and citizen worlds. Slide We started as a bridge, today we think of ourselves as a hub and tomorrow we will take on the shape that is necessary to continue connecting, in an increasingly challenging world.

The people who make us

Inclusion as a fundamental aspect in our value creation.
The diversity of experiences, professions, ages, genders, political visions, competences, sensitivities and perspectives, in function of collaboration and teamwork, allow us to achieve the quality standards of our work.