Companies must be a contribution to the environment in which we operate. Therefore, we adhere to a system that guides and strengthens our purpose, we have a pro bono program to support organizations that contribute to making Chile a better country, and we embrace transparency as an essential value in all our activity.

We are a B Corp

We are part of B Corps, an organization that aims at an economy that creates integral value, promoting models of economic organization that can be measured from the well-being of people, societies and the planet, simultaneously and with short and long-term considerations

Diversity and inclusion

We value having different views and competencies, being heterogeneous is one of our great strengths.

Social impact

Through communications, we promote business initiatives that generate positive impacts in their communities.

Relations and trust

We are called to strengthen the social capital of the country, by creating conditions for conversation and understanding.

Code of ethics

Transparency, honesty, trust, commitment and collaboration are the transversal guidelines that define the internal culture and our relationship with each of our stakeholders.

Lobby transparency

Given the impact of our work on public policies, inserted in a society that requires to strengthen trust, we assume the responsibility we have with democracy and probity.

The Lobby Law is our charter in these matters and our commitment is to fully comply with it, both in letter and spirit, without taking shortcuts and making transparency an essential axis in our work.

We are convinced that it is necessary to create spaces for dialogue and understanding, as well as breaking down the barriers of mistrust and misconception.

We believe that it is possible to reach agreements and devise policies that make the public interest compatible with the legitimate private interest, promoting inclusive and sustainable growth.


We support organizations that we admire and accompany them through different types of strategic consulting and communications management, according to their case.

Foundation that seeks to contribute to the construction of a just society that respects equal rights and provides equitable opportunities for girls and boys.

How? Tearing down gaps and eliminating gender violence through education.