In a world in constant technological evolution, content saturation and redefinition of values ​​and visions, we accompany you with our recognized experience, transversal networks, a great multidisciplinary team and all digital tools, making a difference. We provide a 360 ° view and management of strategic communications, community relations, public and legislative affairs, and crisis prevention and management.

Strategic communication

Reputation is built by acting consistently with corporate purpose. We generate strategies based on impactful actions that interact with the public in their reality, developing content in all formats and across all platforms.


A moment when timely and successful management makes a decisive difference in the future of the organization. There are different types and with different origins. What do they have in common? Low probability, high risk.

Community relations

Have you met your neighbours? Do you know what they think about your company? Do you know what concerns them? Do you know their necessities? Do they perceive the benefits of being your neighbour? Will they defend you or point at you when a crisis breaks? When you want to contact them, do you know where to start, with whom to speak?

Political and Legislative Affairs

We are deeply acquainted with the regulatory-legislative domain in which the processes of elaboration of public policies take place in Chile. The evolution of the interests and problems of society, accelerated by constant technological advancement and environmental factors, demand regulations that introduce important consequences for the functioning of different sectors.

Research and data analysis

Keeping track of the social conversation and the regulations is important, as it is to focus on the people and what is behind them, what is their truth? The macro leads us to the micro and the micro to the macro. The digital world gives us tools to obtain user information on a large scale, and sometimes an individual account reveals group insights that no system detects.


Members of an organization represent it and its executives lead by example. Official spokespersons, leadership communication, customer service, videoconferences and personal social networks, among others, are spaces where mismanagement will have consequences for a company’s image. The good news? These can be trained.